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3D printing technology can change the future of automotive manufacturing industry?

Will the future be able to realize the full customization of the automobile? Some designers are convinced.
According to a study from the Harvard University, the average American spends 101 minutes a day on driving a car. If translated into the average life expectancy, the person's life to pay 37935 hours in the driver's car, about 4.3 years. And even more frustrating is that most Americans have become accustomed to constantly pay oil fees, but the whole life of the car only in its original value spent.
According to the above statistics, we can indicate that the impact of automatic driving technology will be brought to people. Just imagine, if you can sit in front of the steering wheel in 4.3 years time, what can people do? People can even squeeze out two extra holidays each year to enjoy life.
Along with the economic and practical considerations, a new era of automatic driving is gradually coming to us, the new technology and development brings us another new look, this is the 3D printing technology to lead the new trend of personalized car.