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Guan Xiyou: adhere to the road of innovation to make Shenyang machine tool products have a soul

China's largest heavy industrial base in the northeast, known as the Republic of the eldest son". The first national emblem, the first new Chinese furnace steel, first car, the first aircraft, from here. However, since the beginning of the new economic norm, downtown pressure on the economy in northeast area increases, some industries and enterprise production and management difficulties, the deep-seated problems of institutional mechanisms to further show the structural contradiction, the new driving force of economic growth and shortage of old power weakened prominent. In many difficulties and challenges, with 80 years of history, Shenyang machine tool group stand out. The group of independent research and development of i5 intelligent machine in the first quarter of this year, nearly 3000, while new orders 12 thousand units, plus last year carried over 3000 orders, total orders reached 15 thousand units, the successful development of the new products, market and business model, occupy the high-end market, the trend of development, bold to the reform of state-owned enterprises "ice breaking".
General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: resolutely break the barriers of institutional mechanisms, the formation of a fully docking with the market, full of internal vitality of institutional mechanisms, is to promote the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base." In April this year, the CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "several opinions on" comprehensive revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast China, is put forward for about 15 years time, to achieve the overall revitalization of Northeast China, into the forefront of modernization, has become the advanced equipment with the international competitiveness of the manufacturing base and the strategic base of major technical equipment.