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The present situation and future development of China's machine tool industry

In our country, the manufacture of machine tools, especially heavy duty machine tools, mostly for the order form production, because there is no uniform product technical standards and market pricing principles, by the user market impact. Some users pay too much attention to cost input and ignore the strength of technical scheme and vendor importance in virtually boosting some remanufacturing enterprise interests, rather than investment in plant and equipment and other fixed assets increase, to hire outstanding technical personnel, only to reduce operating costs at a low price to occupy the market, causing the market uneven in quality manufacturing machine. Disorderly competition.
In the developed countries, the manufacture of machine tools has been developed for many years, and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. But in our country is still relatively short time, and more for the maintenance and reconstruction of the single set of heavy machine tool, the lack of technical specifications, the market also slightly chaotic.
Road of industrialization
As currently the only machine tool remanufacturing pilot units in private enterprises, the central control of 1~10 months of this year, received a total of 23 sets of heavy and super heavy duty machine tool remanufacturing orders, remanufacturing product sales accounted for over 60% of total sales.
"Central China automatic control should be regarded as one of the earliest enterprises engaged in machine tool remanufacturing, the current re manufacturing business has been basically covered with imported or domestic heavy-duty, ultra heavy machine tools, machining centers and special equipment." Huazhong general manager Zhang Yaonan said that in January 2010 the company officially became a pilot unit manufacturing Ministry of the first mechanical and electrical products, specializing in mechanical and electrical integration of the liquid machine tool remanufacturing, mainly for heavy duty machine, heavy machine tool remanufacturing and manufacturing to meet the design requirements of special processing machine.