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Leveraging "The Belt and Road motor industry" the strategy of "going out"

To get rid of the disordered competition of export motor is to avoid the vicious competition in the market, and take the road of high-end products and special products. The domestic motor industry should fundamentally change the species monotonous, the structure behind the situation, aimed at the high-end market, re positioning, and constantly introduce new. In foreign countries, the EU motor manufacturing industry on the whole, mainly to small and medium enterprises, the market positioning of its high technology content of the motor is relatively stable, on the one hand, they actively produce efficient motor, energy saving; on the other hand, they are the ingenious design of the same product, the electrical performance is better than a lot of motor in our country the same power. Our products if not formed its own characteristics, it will be difficult to participate in foreign competition in the market.
Motor industry to speed up the overall promotion of the key industries in the smart manufacturing". In the face of product prices continue to decline, rising labor costs, lower profits, enterprise survival pressure, combined with the downstream industry for the electrical performance and quality requirements continue to improve, I would suggest to accelerate in the key has a good foundation for the implementation of the power equipment industry to promote intelligent manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and increase the special pilot demonstration of support and investment, strong tests, key breakthrough. Recommended in the follow-up to promote the work of intelligent manufacturing, in the smart manufacturing system framework and standard system top-level design at the same time, increase in key industries to promote demonstration. Intelligent manufacturing, focusing on the floor, smart manufacturing is the key to the overall implementation of the industry. Through the focus of the industry to create a comprehensive implementation of the atmosphere of intelligent manufacturing, to adapt to the needs of the user industry for product quality improvement, from improving the level of development of the whole equipment manufacturing industry.