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Automated manufacturing of the motor industry from the "industrial 4" how far?

Sit 2 look 3
In an interview with reporters, Kunshan Bai Austria intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd manager Sun Shaoyi explained his understanding of Prime Minister Lee: "the meaning of this sentence is our industrial technology base is still relatively weak, in fact, most of our enterprises are still in the state of industry 2, 3 industry may be only a small part of the business can do."
He believes that in addition to manufacturing enterprises, China's smart equipment industry there are still outstanding issues, such as: technology innovation capability is weak, the new sensor, advanced control core technology such as small industrial scale, heteronomy; weak foundation, high-grade and special sensor, intelligent instrument, automatic control system, CNC system, robot city share of less than 5%. "We also need to brush up infrastructure, up 2, industry 3, intelligent upgrade of the traditional manufacturing industry, accelerate our country from" big manufacturing country "to" smart power "transformation."